Another Historic Date

I write this on Tuesday 24th of September 2019. This day has just become a date to note in history.

Lady Hale delivered her concluding speech of the trial as I sat at my workbench and listened on radio Scotland. As she talked I started slowing in my work till I fond myself sitting engrossed. One of the UK’s top lawyers and I was understanding what she was saying. Well delivered using words the non-lawyer could understand. I still find it difficult to believe that all 11 judges agreed and came down on the side of democracy. Many of you, like me, might have thought at the start ‘they’ll all stick together’. I started to hope when I listened to Joanna Cherry last week when coming out of court she said that there was still some hope that the proroguing of parliament would be ruled unlawful.

I think I may have been being negative due to all the extreme right-wing attitudes and our seeming inability to do anything about it. There was a feeling that certain people felt they could behave and speak as they liked and would never be held to account. Thank you to everyone that was involved in bringing about this ruling. It has slightly raised my hopes that the people are not being ignored. It has also made me raise my opinion of the judiciary. I just googled judiciary and found an article that says Lady Hale has made a career of breaking barriers in the judiciary that was perceived as being male, white and public school. A tough woman to take on that lot.

Goodness knows what the rest of the week will hold, or indeed the weeks to come. Being found guilty doesn’t seem to have sunk into the Boris yet. He still thinks he can carry on with his plans. Will the opposition MPs be able to persuade Corbyn to do something constructive? We wait.

Moving positively Forward

This is what I had looked out to mention today. Fiona Hyslop presented a prospectus for cooperation, knowledge-exchange and policy partnerships between Scotland and the Arctic in Orkney on Monday.

Those of you who followed the series of films produced by Lesley Riddoch on the Nordic countries and how they run their affairs may want to go over to the website and read this prospectus.

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  1. Congratulations on the wonderful progress that Scotland canoe seen to remaking towards establishing its natural place in the world. The Scottish Gopvernment’s Arctic policy document is a really excellent publication that points the way towards the future. There is a great deal more to be done in respect of foreign policy, but this is a most encouraging way of spreading Scotland’s wings in its natural habitat. The only important point I missed is Scotland’s future relationship with the Tromsö-based Arctic Council, which would ideally require a permanent statutory diplomatic partnership.

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