The Fellowship

Many of you will be aware that keeping a newspaper going is a challenge. There is not a newspaper in the land that has escaped, particularly the financial challenge. Even the online digital versions have to ask for donations to keep them going.

The Scots Independent has been very fortunate over many years in the support it gets. Not only from the subscribers but from the volunteers who write for, produce and circulate it.

To get the Scots Independent on the news shelves is really a no go area. Not only would we suffer the same fate in many shops as the National does (being hidden) but Menzies distribution would take 42.5% of the cover cost of each newspaper. We are in the business of getting the Independence message out, not lining their pockets.

We do send free copies of the newspaper to each secondary school in Scotland for the pupils doing related subjects to use. This costs 76p per copy.  We have no control over how many pupils actually see it. Some teachers or librarians do get in touch to cancel the subscription and have a bit of difficulty in accepting it is free to them and they should use it. It’s fun hearing some of the replies.

In 2004 the editor of the day, Ken Fee, came up with the idea of The Fellowship. He could see that one of the main challenges was having enough monies available for foreseeable printing cost and to allow planning of future development.

It was so successful that we began to realise we had a very committed readership who were with us for the long term. Through this we have been able to keep the cover price at £1.50 since 2004.


So, what is The Fellowship?

It is a commitment to help fund the future of the Scots Independent.

It costs £120 per year but can also be paid by £10 per month

standing order. This includes a year’s subscription to the paper and a complimentary ticket to the Annual Lunch and Oliver Brown Award presentation. Last year was the 34th awards ceremony held. The balance is your generous donation to the future production of the paper.


If this is something you may like to consider you can purchase a Fellowship here

or if you would like to discuss it please contact our business manager Ian Hamilton by phone on 01542 840551 or by email at


  1. I have gladly contributed £120 to the Fellowship fund, and I would encourage all other readers to do the same, whether or not they are SNP members.

    1. Thank you James. The support is very much appreciated

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