“They don’t like it up ‘em Mr Mainwaring” came straight to mind as I picked up our newspaper of choice this morning. So, Mr Darling doesn’t think it’s fair that the Yes camp have more at their disposal than the No camp to work with. Does he really believe this? Perhaps he does.  Has he not noticed that to date he hasn’t had to lift a finger because most of the media were spouting the unionist mantra? We have had a lifetime of never getting our fair share of resources which has made us very clever at utilising the ones we have been able toRead More →

International Women’s Day falls on the 8th of March, and with it further consideration of women’s role in the independence referendum. By the time this is published, you will find a video on the Women for Independence  website encouraging women to get involved in the debate. It’s definitely going to be worth watching and sharing! Women’s involvement hasn’t shifted a great deal from Lesley Riddoch’s column in the Scotsman two years ago – there has been more information on childcare, more women on panels, lots of wonderful women putting their case on twitter, but women are still not as prominent in the debate as theyRead More →

Frequently arising in the day job is a topic fellow Flag contributor Margaret Hamilton rightly touched upon in her 7th February piece – foodbanks.   Foodbanks have featured the news sporadically over the past year however the running dry of one food bank in Glasgow – where supply simply couldn’t meet demand, and a session of Holyrood’s welfare reform committee http://www.bbc.co.uk/democracylive/scotland-26432858 where charities and organisations lined up to drive home the message that not only were foodbanks more necessary than ever but that their abundance was due to UK government welfare reforms, has ensured extensive coverage.  To readers of third sector press this will not come asRead More →

Big hoohah at one of the committees last week:  Rupert Soames, CEO of Aggreko was giving evidence on behalf of Better Together saying that “No”  was in the best interests of Aggreko, a Scottish company and its employees.  He got quite vehement about this.  A day or two later the back page of the Herald was full of Mr Soames’ move to Serco – a company involved in outsourcing.  Must have seen the writing on the wall.   Aberdeen Council have narrowly been defeated on a proposal by Finance Convener Willie Young (defeated in the Donside by election) to bar all Scottish Government Ministers fromRead More →